• The new advanced and the new strong  

    The rapid progress in timber construction (multi-storey, cross laminated timber construction) makes ever new demands on the joining technology. The new HTT22E tie rod features significant improvements in load capacity & application spectrum and the new HTT31 tie rod is the perfect solution in the high load range. 

  • The quality is commonplace for us

    Helping people build a secure and cost-effective designs. If we want to prove this, we design and manufacture products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and very often is even beyond.

  • Software for calculations

    With our Connector Selector and Anchor Designer software you can within a few clicks select the optimum timber fittings or anchors.

  • Innovation

    Different products = different solutions

  • Structural Screws without Equal

    Available in lengths up to 400mm, there's an ETA approved structural screw for every type of timber construction.

  • The connecting ideas that illuminate your projects

  • Quik Drive Collated Screw System

    Simple, ergonomic, realiable, jam free...

    Try the worlds fastest autofeed screw system yourself. There's no going back.