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These angles are used for connections wood / timber, or for connecting wooden structures in concrete, steel, masonry.



  • Service class 2
  • Intérieur
  • Acier galvanisé Z275


Technical approvals : ETA-06/0106

Steel quality:
• S250GD + Z275 according to DIN EN10346

Corrosion protection:
• 275 g / m galvanized on both sides 20mm


• Connection wood / concrete
• Load in all directions 4



Applicable materials

Wood, wood products, concrete, steel

Application area

• Coupling elements of wood or wooden materials, components made of wood / wood materials or concrete / steel

Values ​​for joint wood and wood, two connection / partial nailing

1) b = 80 and e = 120

*) The number of nails AE116: 8 pieces in F1, F4 / 5 and 9 pieces in the F2 / 3 - Other nails found in ETA.

If the timber when the connection cannot twist, half of the values ​​in the table can be adopted for connection with only one angle for R1 and R2 / 3 system.

If the purlins rotatable directions and forces F4 and F5 at other intervals, B and E, you can find more information on ETA.