BNSP - winbracing system

BNSP clamping device must be permanently mounted and tightened.


  • Service class 2


Declarations of Performance : 
Technical approvals : ETA-10/0440

Steel quality:
S 250 GD + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10346
Corrosion protection:
275 g / m galvanized on both sides 20mm
• Screws: Quality 8.8
• Trn:
Steel quality:
S 235 JR according to EN 10025  DIN
Corrosion protection:
Galvanizing layer thickness of about 55 microns in accordance with DIN EN 1461


• Connection tapes with other clamping elements and the subsequent withdrawal.
• When using any screws or pins are the ultimate common connector always more than just connecting tape




Applicable materials

• Fasteners BNK, BNF, BNG

Application area

• From an economic application of Simpson Strong-Tie bracing belt, there are other products that have been developed for simple solutions to connectivity problems. In summary, the products of this group are called bracing systems
• They are available for the respective widths 25, 40 and 60 mm
• To connect the 80 mm tapes up to 60 items of the system can be used.
• bracing system can be easily clamped by means BNSP or products BNF or BNK BNG (see following pages)
• When turning threaded rods right / left hand, there is another option tension.
• The connection between the connection lugs of the belt is achieved CLIPS20 or CLIPS23 on other products cotter