BNW - windbracing system

Reinforcement joints allow the flexible connection of steel diagonals in wood construction fasteners are applied to the roof rack and are associated with pins. Diagonal is connected via a cross bolts M16 connector. These bolts for bracing or round steel diagonals are connected via an adapter and trees.

 BNW1 bracing connections through unilateral anchorages diagonals

 BNW2 bracing connector allows you to connect two diagonals for infield access. On the swivel base bolts allow diagonal connection with different inclinations.

Connection to the main header is happening pins. Then diagonal connections can be very flexible installation with large tolerances. A simple tightening diagonal allows very precise alignment structure.



  • Service class 2


Technical approvals : ETA-10/0440

Steel quality:
Angle: S 250 GD + Z 275 according to the standards EN10326: 2004.
Screws: Quality 8.8
Thorn: S 235 JR according to EN 10025th
Corrosion protection:
Angle: 275 g / m galvanized on both sides 20mm
CSA screws, Thorn, CNA Wedges: galvanized with a zinc layer thickness of about 15 microns


• The connection to the main binder is done with dowels. Then the diagonal connections can be very flexibly installed with large tolerances. The simple tightening of the diagonal allows a very precise alignment of the construction.




• Solid wood, steel thread


• Diagonal steel joints in all areas of timber construction

*) Values BNW2 applies to almost the same diagonal forces. For uneven for α <53 °, values of resistance as BNW1.

**) It is less critical resistance of wood and steel