SDS wood screws

SDS-screw Simpson Strong-Drive® is a screw bearing wooden structures, which are ideal for the installation of many connectors as well as for wood to wood applications. It can be used especially in combination with the connector ABAI105 for soundproofing. Without drilling. The screw has a patented system control, which simplifies processing and is resistant to corrosion by double protective coating.


  • Service class 3
  • Revêtement double barrière
  • Exterieur


Declarations of Performance : 
CE marking

• Complies with EN14592 and Ittre-10 / 0014th


• Hardened and tempered steel: Double barrier coating.


• Ideal for use on timber terminals for load-bearing constructions: Simpson Strong-Tie®, as well as for wood to wood applications. Simplified installation via a guidance system. Double coating, which ensures high resistance to corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing.



Header member

• solid wood, wood composites, laminates.

For Use With

• Do plywood
• Other connectors Framing