Anchor Designer™

  • Anchor Designer

Anchor design software '' ANCHOR DESIGNER ™ Software "from Simpson Strong-Tie offers a quick and professional calculation anchor fixing in cracked and non-cracked concrete. Calculations based design methods for anchoring to the metal and resin according to ETAG 001, -. Appendix C Technical Reports TR 029 in accordance with European Technical Approval (ETA) for the respective mounting system. Optionally you can also suggest methods based on the provisions of ACI 318 Appendix D and CAN / A23.3 Appendix D, for dowel systems

• Interactive 3D Graphics
• Easy navigation menu
• Detailed information on Project Management
• square, rectangular and circular selection boards
• Nominal thickness of the anchor plate
• Anchor groups of up to 8 dowels (optional slots)
• Entering the structural loads and loads characteristic
• Presentation of the calculation result on the screen or output in PDF format to save and / or print
• Language in German, English, French and Danish, prospectively ČJ
• LiveUpdate to check and update software

Required configuration

  • Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP2 (or later)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (see installation note)
  • Resolution Minimum 1024 x 768

Installation Notes
During the installation process, the software will check which version of Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer and, if the correct version is not found, it will redirect you to the download center of Microsoft. com Download the redistributable package Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (x86), as shown in this link: -B21F31AB88B7.