Custom manufacturing, yes we produce!

On the basis of calculations and drawings from you or consulting companies, we are able to produce all non-standard metal structure within 5-12 working days.
If you need a locksmith or other special services, then trust in the competence and quality of Simpson Strong-Tie®.

Your benefits:
• a complete overview of costs
• laser cutting, punching and bending
• Continuous or special steel: thickness up to 20 mm
• MMA welding TIG / MIG welding robot or for mass production
• Certification and qualification of welders
• finishes available: zinc, chrome plating, epoxy anti-rust ...

Many contractors, architects and craftsmen have used our services for the implementation of construction projects in schools, gymnasiums, stadiums and public and private buildings. Why not you?

Legal notice on their own, and modified products
Specially manufactured products are designed and carried out by customers, Simpson Strong-Tie® according to customer specifications. Simpson Strong-Tie® can not and will not make any recommendations about the suitability and availability of these special products.
Special products are the result of special construction. They are designed for a specific project responding to the need in substandard concrete production in our manufacturing facilities. Therefore they can not be labeled in accordance with the European Commission CE marking.

Any changes that deviate from standard product are the sole responsibility of the person who recommended these changes or done. This person must also provide the necessary instructions for performing. Simpson Strong-Tie® is not responsible for the consequences of changes in or implementation of these changes.