Ideas and arguments sell better

Ideas and arguments sell better ....
If we develop and manufacture high-quality products, the overall promotion and marketing is much easier .Simpson Strong-Tie® develops the same effort in marketing and promotion, as well as in industrial implementation.

Local marketing

Our presence at local fairs and exhibitions makes it clear that a given region of interest and we are doing everything we can to succeed.

Our marketing department is constantly working to develop tools that facilitate decision-making of our potential and existing customers. Creating attractive offers solutions focused on product identification is easier.

... In accordance with the distribution requirements

Simpson Strong-Tie® doing everything it can to facilitate bringing new products to market and product distribution was fastest.

 We thought everything May be simplify the use of our products: our leaflet clarifies the user benefits, differences and potential use of our products. Professional catalog contains valuable examples of calculations for projectants .For retailers, we are able to provide labeling EAN codes

 Simpson Strong-Tie® provides product selection guide, explaining product lines and their possible applications, technical documentation, solutions for sales and special requirements and much more.