Our quality and environmental policy

Accountability, transparency, environmental protection, construction safety - we really want to set an example in all these areas. That's why all of our products meet all regulatory requirements (CE marking), and why we have a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001.

Our quality policy

Helping people build a secure and cost-effective designs. If we want to achieve this, we design and manufacture products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and sometimes even beyond. All employees are responsible for product quality and compliance with the quality management system.

Our environmental policy

Each employee Simpson Strong-Tie® trying to reduce the impact of business activities on the environment, and promises that it will prevent pollution. We comply with the existing regulations in connection with legislation on the environment and are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we work to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Consumption and Recycling

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Steel is the production of Simpson Strong-Tie® carpenter fitting main surovinou.Podíl recycled steel for the manufacture of our products is 18%.

Carton, blister packs, pallets labels - almost all raw materials used for the packaging of our products are largely recyclable, and we agree with our suppliers to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Simpson Strong-Tie® works with printers and ensures that material products manufactured for us, catalogs and other documents, a paper that is PEFC (Programme for the approval of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. These two certifications demonstrates that ecological criteria for the production of paper, as well as sustainable forest management.

Thanks to the right technology implemented in our plants before and after sorting recyclables we have 95% of the waste produced in 2013. Simpson Strong-Tie® increases after 6 years the share of safe industrial waste (DIB) by 30% and dangerous products (DIS) fell by 50%.

Energy management

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In our operations are regularly carried out measurements of energy as well as identifying the origin of energy consumption and efforts to reduce it. Likewise, measures were taken to reduce energy consumption in offices by 20%.

Thanks to the expansion of our production facility in France in 2010, Simpson Strong-Tie® purposefully invested in new generation facilities. Traffic doubled across the board, gas consumption increased only by 16%.

Water is not used for the production process, but only for sanitary facilities. I continue not emitted no pollutants into the sewer system to prevent further pollution. Despite the expansion of the site and increase the number of employees, consumption remained stable.

Working environment

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Our production facilities meet the requirements of the ICPE (International Conference on Performance Engineering) noise control in production and carries out the necessary checks. In addition, Simpson Strong-Tie® invests annually to improve manufacturing processes, particularly in silencing noisy machines improve the working comfort of our employees.

All exhaust emissions produced during the manufacturing process, are filtered before discharge to atmosphere. Used filters are collected as hazardous waste and disposed of environmentally.

Simpson Strong-Tie® is well placed in the context of the statutory provisions for renewal of French manufacturing facility, increased emphasis was placed on the temporary storage of contaminated water in catchment areas to prevent contamination of soil and ground water in case of fire.

This makes it possible to ensure low water contamination and its proper treatment and disposal.

Ongoing product enhancements

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Our research and development department is constantly working to achieve the same technological quality using less raw material.

Our tool manufacturers are trying to develop a set of tools that help our machines produce the fewest number of steps to reduce energy consumption.

Our purchasing department prefers suppliers from the area and create lasting relationships with them.